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Recently the choir members were asked to reflect on what they liked about BYC. We think these are precious:

Love Singing – Learning New Songs – Making Friends – Having Fun! – Awesome Experience

Awesome FRIENDS and amazing SKILLS

Music isn’t just something you listen to. When you’re a part of a group of people that all love the same thing as you do,you feel connection, a belonging, confidence and family.

Keep calm and sing on!

BYC – Where singing becomes beautiful

We sing with one voice, with many hearts

I like the youth choir because I like to sing

We are one voice but many friends

Meet others from different places and sing as one – Multiple voices singing as one Family

BYC – Where dreams come true

BYC – The place to be

Sense of team, spirit, community. To be able to sing without holding back. Not being judged.

Skilled! Collaborative! Teamwork! Caring! Learn & Grow!

Don’t think, just sing! I like singing songs and learning new songs

It’s one big family @ BYC

Because I love singing and want to learn how to sing properly. You make heaps of friends and get to sing songs with friends.

It’s an amazing experience

The Songs are Better at BYC

Explore your mind in the Bendigo Youth Choir


Because it’s fun, a way to sing songs new and you like. Meet new people and make new friends.

Sharing a passion on music – like minded youth

Not just one voice, singing as one voice